If clothes makes the man, accessories complete his look. Save yourself from the wrath of no accessories or even worse bad accessories. A gentleman’s wardrobe is indeed a work of art and reflects his work ethics. Setting up the right wardrobe is crucial but can be very challenging. It’s never really easy. To some it’s considered a waste of time. However, after you have the right items listed it’s easy to set up a wardrobe. Listed here are the 10 MUST HAVE ACCESSORIES IN EVERY MALE WARDROBE:


A wrist is a terrible thing to waste. I understand perfectly that the phone tells the time. That’s cool and all, but I still think you should strap on a watch. A watch is the one piece of man jewellery that we can get fully behind. Not only does it punctuate an outfit, it also says something about who you are or at least who you aspire to be. So forget about technological  advances for a moment. Think of a watch as you would a tie, who cares if it’s not purely functional? It still plays an integral role in what it means to be a man. Invest in a good quality one.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR: Swatch, Casio, Timex, Titan, Rolex, Fossil.

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2) TIE

The greater number of ties that a man has the better. Your tie depends on how formal or informal the occasion is. Be careful on how you choose your tie. It is important to avoid ties with a dime a dozen material because even if you pair it with your expensive shirt and suit it’ll still look cheap.  Buy the one made of silk material. It is the best of all. But for informal ties you can settle with cotton blends. Whatever you make of it. CHOOSE WISELY.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR: Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Arrow, Peter England, Marks and spencer, Louis Philippe.

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Your wallet is another accessory you need to invest in. Most men take their wallets for granted. They go for years without replacing it or cleaning it out. Your wallet needs to look classy, feel elegant and of course since it stores your identification documents and the money you worked so hard to get. You can easily find high quality wallets for affordable prices. Quality is not something that can be substituted with anything else. You’ve got to give a quality wallet its due importance in the accessory ladder.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR: Burberry, Fossil, Coach, Wildcraft, Fastrack, Tommy Hilfiger

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A man who smells good automatically so much more desirable. Style is often interpreted as a physical and tangible presence, you have to either see it or feel it. But for me, style is also about the unseen finer details.  A man’s perfume should reflect his style at the time. while picking a cologne he needs to keep few things in mind:

  • His personal style
  • his lifestyle
  • the event he is attending.

To make your life easier i have shortlisted the best 5 perfumes for you.

  • BLACK by Kenneth Cole: You’d love to wear it at dinner parties and night outs can also for used for everyday wear.
  • GUCCI GUILTY by Gucci: The latest cologne that has captured hearts and senses not only of most men who use it but also the women who smell it on them. Few men say it’s too sweet to be masculine.
  • ETERNITY by Calvin Klein: It is a cologne a modern man needs to keep in his collection. It is aimed at making you comfortable at work place, home or any other occasion.
  • POUR HOMME by Versace: My personal favourite. It is recommended for spring/summer. But can be worn easily throughout the year because of the citric smell.
  • VOYAGE by Nautica: It takes its inspiration from a relaxing day at the sea and its natural fragrances.

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They are all over the red carpet. Cuffs do a lot- turn up the volume on a tee and jeans look. Whether yours is a raw brass or a precious metal don’t overthink it. Cuffs are to jewellery what students are to classrooms. Nearly impossible to screw up.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR:, Versace, Burberry,,

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There are few things that personify elegance, class and attention to detail, and your bag is one of them. It increases your style quotient. Can be carried to college. It’s stylish and at the same time there’s room for all the essentials for college.

It compliments a great looking attire. The best part is, it comes in a varieties of colours and sizes. This accessory is timeless and will always be in style.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR: DKNY, Fastrack, Louis Vuitton, Wildcraft, Baggit

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You can get your outfit down to a tee that fits you perfectly, and if you wear an envious belt, you’ve just hit style jackpot. A belt is more than just an accessory that hold your trousers in place; it’s an extension of your ensemble. You’ve got to remember that your belt should always complement your shoes. So when choosing a belt for your outfit, ensure that you have a pair of shoes that matches your belt.

BRANDS YOU CANT OPT FOR: Arrow, Fastrack, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Allen Solly, Louis Philippe.

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Even though they have been a timeless piece in men’s fashion, it can be  little tricky to pick the right socks. Most men prefer cotton socks because its comfortable. The colour of the socks need to compliment the colour of the shoes.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR: Levis, Lee, Nike, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani

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Other than providing you protection against the sun rays, sunglasses also add a style quotient to your look. There’s more to buying a pair of sunglasses, than what meets the eye. That’s because not every frame suites everyone’s face shape.  It’s crucial to pick sunglasses according to your face shape. So it is essential to try on the sunglasses before purchasing them. Online shopping for sunglasses is a big NO.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR: Fendi, Ray Ban, Fastrack, Oakley, Dior.

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Most men think scarves are meant for women, well that’s not the case. Invest in a high quality scarf and wear it during the winter. It keeps you warm and adds the oomph to your attire. Layering is sexy. Pair it with a pea jacket or a casual coat.

BRANDS YOU CAN OPT FOR: Versace, Alexander McQueen,, Dolce and Gabbana

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  1. Anush Syed · October 4, 2014

    Definately the 10 most needed things for a man. (Y)

    • shwemodi · October 4, 2014

      Haha yeah 🙂

      • Jeswin · October 4, 2014

        This is interesting..I want most of these 😉

      • shwemodi · October 4, 2014

        Thankyou Jeswin. Go shop.

  2. Swaroop · October 4, 2014

    Well,you’re definitely helping me dress up for my next song 😉

    • shwemodi · October 4, 2014

      Haha I’m glad. And keep me updated on your next song 😀

  3. Ronak Raj · October 4, 2014

    This is good and helpful. 😀 Thanks.

    • shwemodi · October 4, 2014

      I’m glad 🙂 thank you, Ronak.

  4. Anonymous · February 5, 2015

    Hi Shweta,

    I loved your blog and I would like to talk to you about an idea on which we are working on. Could you please share your email address with me?


  5. sivasaipraneethssp · April 15, 2015

    Reblogged this on SSP Blog.

  6. sivasaipraneethssp · April 15, 2015

    Good one !

    • shwemodi · April 15, 2015

      Thank you Sivasaipraneeth 🙂

  7. Prasad · May 27, 2015

    Well a few accessories you mentioned just contradict the perfect look we the men would like to get. You wouldn’t was us to wear all those accessories at once and go out right!?
    We’d look like nut jobs if we wore a cuff and a watch at the same time. Would kill the class, don’t you think?

    • shwemodi · July 28, 2015

      Nobody is asking you to wear all of them at once.
      I just listed down wardrobe essentials. Doesn’t mean everything at once.

      Shweta Modi

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